Monday, January 12, 2009

Family's are Amazing

Well I've been pretty busy as of late. It was beginning to feel like between work and training I wouldn't have much of a life for some time. Well the family (Heather, Benjamin and Nicholas) decided to get in the mix. What a blessing!
My schedule recently has been to get up at 5am, get dressed and drive 30 mins to the Y. Mondays are my swim day, Tuesday I do spin, Wednesday I run, Thursday I'm back to the pool, Friday I get on the bike trainer and Saturday or Sunday I do a long session of something (usually a run or bike).
Well Nicholas kind of started the whole I want to train thing. It magically happened after I got off the trainer two weeks ago. He asked me to put his bike on the trainer, so I did. He rode for more than an hour. The following night when I got on the treadmill, Benjamin rode the trainer (actually they fought over it). Last week Benjamin got up at 5 with me to go to the pool. This morning he did the same and swam a good 30 mins. All of the folks I swim with were amazed at his effort and determination. We're working on stroke specifics...he's coming along nicely from his doggie paddle:).
The one I'm most proud of is Heather. She is really doing well. Actually she's kicking some major butt! Over the past several years she has wanted to run a marathon, but due to our work schedules or my class load she felt that she didn't have the time to train for anything. She did do the breast cancer walk in DC (60 miles) a couple of months ago. I think due to seeing how much training has helped me, she was bitten by the bug.
We did a mini triathlon this past Saturday and she did great! The lifeguard didn't show up on time, so we only got to swim for 30 mins. Then we did a difficult spin class for 45 mins and then we ran for 45 to 60 mins. We both felt great afterwards. My HR avgd 156 during the exercise. It got up as high as 188 bpm. I was varying my pace between 8.43 min/miles and 10 min/miles during the run with a 15 sec break for water and carbs after every mile or so...I was trying a bit of interval training. It felt great!
Heather can go and go...she has a history of hurting herself, I think because she is missing the typical pain receptors that the rest of us have. I'm trying to continuously remind her that she needs to pace herself...kind of a "Constant Injury Monitor"...asking her to listen to her body...what hurts, what type of pain is it and why?
I was so psyched when she asked me if they allowed late entries into the IM. We are looking to do a triathlon in April together. We began shopping for a ladies bike...wo, do I wish I was making the money I used'll come...patience "grasshopper" patience.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back in the GROOVE

ALRIGHT!!! Last weekend the "fam" went to my parents house. Sunday morning I finally took the new bike out for a test drive. I rode for about an hour and a half. It was GREAT! I didn't want to stop, but Heather and the boys were heading home so I didn't want to miss saying good bye.

Monday I had an eye appointment at Duke's eye center for my retinopathy. Dr. Cousins said everything looked fine and that he wouldn't need to see me for 6 mths. The longest time between appts for the past 3 years has been 4 mths. I was so psyched! I asked if he had any advice for me since I was doing the IM and he said yes...Reid, if you decide to jump out of an airplane, please wear a parachute.

I was finally able to make it back to the Y. Tuesday and Thursday I went to an hour long spin class. It felt great. Wednesday I actually swam. I've really missed the pool. I think the swim is my favorite part of IM so far. I like contact sports, so the actual event should be FUN too!

Back to the work saga or reality show...I was a little skeptical to post during the week because of my superstitious nature. All was going so well. Yesterday my favorite driver (sarcasm) came in and announced that his "X" had placed a restraining order against him and that he also had a court date on the 23rd for an assault & battery charge she filed as well. Lovely and so much for Prozac.

Looks like its time to cut our losses. I'm living my dream as far as the business goes. "Momma said there would be days like this." We really do have a GREAT team. These guys and gals are such hard workers and they have such a "can do" attitude. All of this just gives me more reason to train. What a wonderful stress reliever! Not as good as sex, but oh well...:)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fitting it all in...

So far this week has been much better than expected. Our driver returned and we have been keeping a close eye on him. Prozac seems to be the answer (we hope). He is showing up on time, paying attention, asking questions and reminding us of the guy we interviewed (thank GOD). The Ops Mgr would like to keep him on and the two of them are changing our minds. The only way to make this happen would be for us to extend his probationary period 60 days past the original one ending. I hope this happens because it will free up a lot of time for training. I really want to get back to the Y.
Anyway, I've been riding on the trainer each night for an hour or so. My hip flexor seems to be getting stronger every day. If my schedule allows I might try to run 2 miles a couple of days next week to see how it feels. Its still pretty tight, but the pain is diminishing.
Its still raining here. I still haven't had the new bike outside:(. Nicholas is heading down the mountain with Dad this afternoon. Heather is working on finding Benjamin a babysitter for tomorrow night. We have plans to attend our friend's John & Tracie Hasting's X-Mas party. Its a great time! I'll try to drink a lot less this year...but we'll see if I can sway from the's way too much fun with all of those crazies there. I'll try not to Zulu; I'm sure Heather will do her best to stop me...the way of the warrior doesn't stand a chance against the way of the wife:). We're heading down to my parents for the weekend so I'll try to ride down there; its a lot less hilly and it might be a better introduction to the bike.
Monday I have a Duke appointment for my left eye that I've had so much retinopathy in and the major surgery last year for the detached Macula. Can't wait to hear how it looks. I am seeing much clearer so hopefully that's a good sign that all of this exercise is paying off!!! Can't wait to tell them I've signed up for an Ironman...Dr. Cousins will fall out of his chair...he told me running was a good thing to oxygenate the eye...I told him I would try to fit it into my crazy schedule last year (I was driving, selling, doing the books, training new hires, etc). He was disappointed that I didn't take him up on it. Now I'm giving myself no choice. Getting into Ironman shape comes 1st!!! Let's PARTY!!!


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Week From HELL

I was driving down the busiest road in Boone at 7:15 this morning when all of a sudden I was coming up behind this guy riding his bike...I was thinking to myself, who is this nut? Got my answer, it was Ironman Steve...Go BUDDY...he won't let a 20 degree morning hold him back!!!
Wow last week was something else. I have been taking it easy due to my hip flexor issue, but I feel like last week was a total waste when it comes to my training.
One of the company's lead drivers was out for the week being put on Prozac...caught his fiance with another guy...what a bummer. I hate to say it, but we had plans to cut him loose last week due to his poor performance. So I don't know if he saw our ad in the paper or if he really did break up with his fiance...either way I wouldn't let my Mom call in for me. I'm trying to ease my conscious about still cutting him loose even though he might do something stupid to himself by telling myself that my partners and ops manager all agree that letting him go as soon as possible is the best thing for the company since he's still within his 90 day probationary what does all this have to do with my training?
Well, the pool doesn't open until 6 and it closes at 9. So since I'm a driver down and our office manager is out on maternity leave I'm pulling their weight. At the office by 6:30 and entering A/P & A/R in the evenings once all of the loads are pulled. Oh and my best driver fell asleep at the wheel Friday. If he would have been going down the hill instead of up he would have gone off a 200 foot cliff.
Back to training...I did take the time to ride on the trainer 3x last week. But not being able to run far and not getting to swim I feel like I'm going backwards instead of forwards. Oh well, stressing about it won't help.
Our driver came back to work today, but he had another bad morning, so we sent him home early. I'm planning to get on the bike here in a few minutes to burn a little steam...I wish I had a punching bag...which reminds me...until this weekend I forgot how much of a stress reliever splitting wood can be. I won't tell you whose head I pretended the wood to be, but I really feel a lot better about things since I got it done. The family spent the weekend gathering and splitting about 3 cords of wood. So I guess that counts as upper body endurance training...4 hours Saturday and 2 hours Sunday...I really miss the pool...maybe I can fit it in somewhere this week. All I can do is tri.


Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st, 2008

Ironman AZ, WOW what a weekend!!! I think it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, most of which were Diabetics. Tour de Tuscon was great. Glad Pete Nerothin didn't sign me up for anything longer than 35 miles. Woe was my keaster sore. The 23rd I had a blast helping out the Triabetes team at the aid station. The team worked really hard, but no where near as hard as the athletes. I came to the realization that this Ironman thing was going to be a lot harder than I thought. I felt this way because while in Madison, WI we were there supporting the Triabetes 2008 team and while doing so I didn't notice near as much misery. The 2008 team made it look so easy, well, easy for an Ironman. I'm all signed up for 2009 so its official...HELP!!!!!!!!!

Today I got back in the saddle. Due to being so out of shape (or shapely depending on how you look at it) my hip flexor has limited my running over the past couple of weeks. So, I hit the bike this evening. Coach Ahn let me borrow the trainer that he borrowed from JohnnyVail last year. I feel very lucky to be next in line. Thanks guys!

It was a great ride. My two little guys (Benjamin who is 7 and Nicholas who is 5) were asking me to stop so they could have a turn. Since the weather didn't cooperate today "again" it was great having them there keeping me company.

Gotta swim tomorrow...I need to ask Nicholas in the morning if I can borrow his swimmies...